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Upgrade to IPB 4 and Licence Key


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Hello ! :)

I tried all day long, but I didn't make it using wamp or xampp to make a copy of my web site on my computer... too many errors and too many problems for me... it made my day a nightmare...

So, I created a subdomain on my server (like http://testupgrade/myboard.com) and copyed my website's content into it. I also created a test database and make the changes so that http://testupgrade/myboard.com works just as if it was my real website. And it works...

So now, I have two websites using the same licence key... So : how do I modify the license key and add TESTINSTALL at the end of it ?

Thank you ! :)

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in the ACP Main/core settings under licence key ->  you must use the format -> "<prodkey>-TESTINSTALL" - then update

it takes a little bit until the licence server will note it - but you see it after a while in your clients area here then is everything fine

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