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redirecting from profile


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I added a URL profile field, name Website field under members contact.

So that members like yourself can show a url to any website they like.

when that user adds the url into the box and save, it shows as http://example.com

when you click onn the link it doesn't go to their website unless it's edited like http://www.example.com

On forums and other parts of the website it does redirect as http://test.com

but doesn't for url field on profile.

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Max's profile has a www url in it and that fails with a 403 too though:


Got an example of a profile that has a url that redirects ok?

I noticed that you don't even get the 'redirecting' page (displayed by the IPS software) prior to the 403 forbidden page

Did you put something in to force the 403 page? if yes, what did you do? If not, talk to your host to see what might be causing it.


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