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ipb3 bbcodes?

Luis Manson

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So i upgraded from ipb3 on 01/01 and I've seen some posts in my site with img bbcode not parsing/showing in:

Post content:


filesystem stored file, (quering the database for attachment id 57252):


database content:

  attach_id: 57202
  attach_ext: "png"
  attach_file: "uploadfromtaptalk1433787404044.png"
  attach_location: "monthly_06_2015/post-42809-14337874761996.png"
  attach_thumb_location: "monthly_06_2015/post-42809-14337874761996_thumb.png"
  attach_thumb_width: 113
  attach_thumb_height: 200
  attach_is_image: 1
  attach_hits: 64
  attach_date: 1433787476
  attach_post_key: ""
  attach_member_id: 42809
  attach_filesize: 1138527
  attach_img_width: 1080
  attach_img_height: 1920
  attach_is_archived: 0


not sure if related, but regarding post URL i dont get the file naming (/topic/116414-a-esto-llaman-4g/#comment-1569305)

NOTE: i do have seen also img tags, but this is attachment related, i know

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