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Is best to use forum or pages for comments? and why?


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i've articles in pages, and i use "copy in forum".

but, atm, copy in forum cannot auto-close this copied topic and this new topic contain whole article (a good way can be: Just link and auto close)...

so, what is the best setup?

use forum for comments and maintain entire article also in forum (like a duplicate content)?

use page for comments and close manually copied topic (and edit with just a link)?

maintain as default with duplicate content (article in pages and copied article in topic) and separated comment (some in pages and some in forum)?


... what is your setup? :)

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(For me) the only point about the “post to forum feature” was to make articles more visible in 3.4, where people only saw new forum posts in the View New Content area by default. In the 4.x that isn’t necessary anymore and so I wouldn’t actually activate that functionality anymore. I see no point other than artificially raising the forum post count and there are down-sides like having both the article and forum post in the activity stream (or has that changed recently?). 

If you wonder which option to pick, the question is: what benefit would it have for your community?

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