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Activity Stream - Hidden Sections Appearing....


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Basically if you have a board with the correct permissions for a usergroup to see it, but then place it into a category that is hidden; they can't view the board or anything in it. This is completely how it should be and working fine.

The issue however is that the posts still show up to the users via the users profile activity. User profile -> see activity -> posts. You can see the post content there and the button to like it; however if you click the like button or click the post link, it'll send you to a page with an error.






If you click the board it's in, in this example 'SeeD Hallway' you get a different error, because again, they aren't suppose to even know the board exists and have no permission to view it:



If you have no permission to view the content, then it shouldn't be displaying the content to you.

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