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moving forum to root of my domain


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i was using wordpress for my mainpage and now i removed it and moved my forum to the root of my domain and using pages for default module 

everything looks fine i have also changed storage path 

File System: /home5/xxxxx/public_html/uploads

but now i notice there is no error page when someone visits an incorrect path 

for example no matter what you type after hellshammers.net/sadsadfsadfsdfgsdgsdfg


it keeps showing my homepage 


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looks like it has something to do with htaccess 

the wordpress htaccess i was using is still on the root and if i replace it with the one i was using for ip board my forum doesn't load it throws an internal server error 


i want to use this htaccess file 

still throws an internal server 

im not familiar with this would someone customize it for me please?

Pages is the default app i use here http://hellshammers.net/ the loading page named home.html

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so from what i understood on skype is that you are getting ip.board's built in error handler, when you type anything that should normally error out.


and that you have none of the wordpress files or htaccess edit in place. and that for the https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7514-htaccess-for-ips-forums/

you have the applicable modules running/enabled.

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