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Limiting Users to 5 Posts Fails


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In an effort to curb spam, I put a limit of 5 posts per day that should have been removed after 1 day:


I had a member who had already posted 20 times and had joined a week or so ago who complained that he could post only five times before he was shut down for the day. I signed in to his account and could see the same thing: he was unable to post more that day.

So, is this a bug? Did I read this properly? Can others see the same thing on their site?

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5 hours ago, Volvospeed said:

Not exactly what you are asking, but I have always handled this with group promotions. IE leave new members in the validating group until they have 5 approved posts then promote them to your base member group. Smaller footprint this way. 

My users are promoted to an "Established Member" group after 30 approved posts, so I was hoping to avoid having yet another user group in there particularly when this feature should do exactly what I'm asking it to do.

And after doing my own testing, this seems to be a bug. I'll go file a report.

I signed in as a user who created his account three days ago. He could only post five times before he was prevented.


It was already filed as a bug and closed… the IPS rep said to file a support request. I'm going to file a new bug.

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