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There was a problem uploading the file...


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4.1 seems unable to handle this file when uploading to a forum post on my community.

It is 4.7MB but I can upload larger files.

When uploading to the gallery, it goes through the uplaod process then brings up a blank window, you click the cross to find the image is not there.

Any ideas please?

Thank you.


Also, on here, when viewing in the light box, the orientation is wrong? Should it not show as it is posted?


I opened the image in paint and saved as a .jpg and it then inserts:


_DSC2122 PAINT.jpg

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Well, I got the answer from support:



Hello, 4.1 isn't something that is allowed on a basic 10 plan as that plan hasn't been offered in over a year, in order to upgrade to 4.x you should have been upgraded to the standard 25 plan. This seems to have slipped through the cracks here, the issue is disk space, as the basic 10 is very limited and you are running out of space on this plan.


Shall we upgrade you to the standard 25?




Some may find this helpful.

I have seen nothing from IPS mentioning this till now :(

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