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Updating topics table on every view still not a great idea


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In IPS 3.4 you had a solution that would save the topic views to a separate table. Every 3 hours it would then run a task that would update the views-column for the topics-table from the data gathered in this separate table. 

In IPS 4 you dropped this optional method and went with LOW_PRIORITY updates, which solves a problem where lots of queries to update the views-column in the topics-table could frequently lock the topics-table. 

However, this is still far from ideal for big communities with a lot of topics and visitors present. As it means that the query cache, for queries involving the topics-table, is very unlikely to come into play. As a consequence this can play a significant difference in the average server response time for the community, as it's "never" able to utilize the query cache for "topic list" queries.

I would like you to reconsider this approach and let us be able to get such an option back again.

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