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Is there a mod that makes the ignore feature more comprehensive?


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Right now it just hides on the post level. If someone who is ignored  makes a thread, it is still seen. If someone who is ignored is quoted, it is seen.

Is there a better way? Maybe completely hide the threads and collapse the quotes from ignored users?


If the mod does not exist, I will pay someone to create it.

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Quotes should look like this:


Content posted by ignored member. Adjust Ignore Preferences to view.

Same for the first post of a topic. And maybe the actual post also instead of removing it so the topic flows.

Or it could block the whole topic. Maybe because other people will post it is not blocked? What happens with Blogs and Gallery? I would imagine those would be blocked at the content level.

Also members need more power to stop people from posting in their own content. It should work more like block than ignore. Maybe except for forums. That area is tricky because a topic can become more global than owned content (like FB groups vs. their own page/posts, not sure how it works there). Maybe an admin setting for these decisions.

But seeing (first post of) topics and quotes is definitely an issue.

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1 hour ago, chilihead said:

Same for the first post of a topic.


The first post already does show the following:

"You've chosen to ignore content by theblackelk", with 3 'Options' of:

  1. Show this post
  2. Stop ignoring
  3. Ignore preferences

If someone can figure out a way to handle the quote side of things, then best of luck to them as it would probably require the storing of a user id within the post content and then javascript rendering of the quote.

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