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Site unavailable to me

Abdel Mial

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I have a concern since I installed the 4.1.2 update my website ...


You can not access the site ... Apparently I'm the only one not able to access ...


From time to time, with Internet Explorer, I can get there ... But once I accesshttp://jaya-france.fr/admin and I log in, the page loads indefinitely and then he n longer possible to access the basic site ...


Google Chrome is completely blocked ... Can not access the site!


Moreover, to perform the update 4.1.2, I had to do it with my iPhone ... I could not do the update with my browser!


The error that comes up all the time is: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET




I just tested with Firefox ...


The site works perfectly well. Then I logged on the PCA, and everything crashed! The PCA and the site too! I feel that my account is buggy ...


Help me :-(



(Sorry for langage, i'm french ^^)

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You've linked the Client Area to your URL somehow. :)

http://www.jaya-france.fr/ and http://www.jaya-france.fr/forums/

It does load OK for me (only tested with Firefox) although the 'initial' loading time was a few seconds, then it seems fine.

If you have any third party plugins (hooks) you might want to temporarily disable them to see if that helps at all.

You have a ticket open in the Client Area about this ? It would be better to let a support tech take a look really if possible for their thoughts.

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