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Thank you, Invision


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After some issues with my upgrade that rendered the message board unusable in some area, @bfarber was able to identify and fix the issue. It ended up being an issue with Gravatars. So, thank you for your hard work and getting that fixed.

What I really wanted to say in this message was GREAT job, IPS. I know your focus of this 4.1 release was user engagement and it is working very well on my site. Just tons and tons of posts since 4.1. Everyone seems to love the notification system and I think you all did a great job with pushing the line just enough to bring people back in without it being annoying. I even had a thread praising the new changes.

I know things have been less than smooth at times but I think your vision is on point. It's not all there, yet. But it's rapidly getting there. I think Pages needs some work and needs some of the old functions to tie it in with the forums a little more tightly. I didn't renew Pages since it doesn't do what I need so if something has changed in the past month I would not know.

So, thank you, IPS team!

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