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Hi there, 

I have been told to add this idea to this forum from a recent support ticket. I currently run a MMO Guild's Website using the Community Suite, and several guild members have asked how to donate to maintain the website and keep it going etc. Since I use Paypal myself for various other things I didn't want the fear of 'spending someone else's cash for my stuff' So I asked if there was a way for non admins to donate cash directly into my IPS Account as an account credit. Obviously the answer was no and that no one has ever asked that before. So here it is. 

Please can you consider opening up the Admin Account Credit feature so that other board members can donate 'x' amount to the IPS Account in question to help maintain the websites presence with IPS? 

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Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. It is actually something I've seen requested before and in fact something we briefly allowed when the "gift voucher" feature was introduced in IP.Nexus. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it is prone to abuse. Fraud, be it in the form of account credit, bogus license transfers or general purchases and the associated chargebacks and fees cost IPS thousands a year -- so it's always something at the forefront here. 

We don't even directly allow this and it's still a problem. A client will provide access to his/her account for a "friend" to make a renewal payment as a gesture (keep in mind, allowing access to your client area outside of the alternate contacts system is against the license agreement) -- the license is renewed, client downloads an update and gets into a disagreement with the friend over... <insert silly reason like client didn't make him a moderator> and the friend logs into PayPal and disputes the payment. Because the person who paid wasn't even the client, we have no basis for refuting the dispute and we're forced to absorb the loss. The client ends up with a terminated license both for the chargeback and the violation of the license agreement and the "friend" gets his money back. 

Under a system such as what's being proposed there's even greater potential for headache. What happens if 15 people contribute to the purchase of a new app. The credit is topped off, the client purchases the app, then person #7 disputes the charge? It would be very difficult for us to revoke the app, but likewise, it's not appropriate to absorb the now missing payment. 

I'm afraid while the idea is great on the surface, it's simply too prone to abuse and not something we would be interested in offering. If you're not interested in using PayPal donations, I'm sure other members can recommend sites that would allow you to accomplish something similar. 

Thank you.

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Agreeing with @Lindy is a once in a lifetime act, but guess I am forced into it :tongue:

Another option to this situation might be open a secondary account with PayPal for site contributions.

Now I never tried this before and I am not sure it will be allowed but asking them can't hurt. {{{{{ As bad as Owning a Chevy}}}}}

Damn poltergeist infested keyboard is picking on Lindy again....

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