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New Update / Background Processes


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Long time user of IP Board.  Was running v2 until last week.  IP conducted the upgrade for me, but upon completion, the response time for any page call is horrific.

One thing I was told by the IP folks is that there are a number of background processes running, and will take some time to complete.  I can see this progress in the AdminCP.

The upgrade was completed on Monday, but only 2 of the 19 background processes have completed, and the rebuilding of posts is still only 55% complete.  I have 100k existing posts that this munging through, so I suspect that's just an arduous process to complete.

My question is, should this be taking this long?  and what is the probability that these updates are what's causing the latency on page response?  i.e. will I see this improve when these processes complete?

I don't want to file a formal ticket on the latency if I can help it, but is it unrealistic to expect faster completion of these processes?

I suppose I could also prune the legacy posts, but is that safe while the posts rebuild is underway?

Thanks for any assistance you all can lend.


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Thanks Nathan.  The guidance I received from IPS is to NOT run them manually, as they will cause server overload, and would render the board unreachable while those manual jobs run.

Without knowing how long it would take to run those jobs manually, I'm hesitant to go down that road.

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