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Process for renaming IPB directory


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I have a test install that I'd like to make live.  Here's the process I'm doing to rename the folder.

rename the current /ipb folder to /ipbX
rename the test install folder to /ipb
edit /ipb/conf_global.php changing the board_url to reflect the change
edit .htaccess to reflect the change

... when I load the page it's missing styling elements.  /admin is also missing styles.  

What am I missing?  What else is referencing the old directory?

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Nevermind.  When I copied the /uploads directory over I forgot to chmod and chown it.  Works great now.

Support pointed me to something that helped give me a clue.  The "Something isn't working correctly." tool on the admin cp > support page.  Instantly clued me in that the uploads dir wasn't properly setup.

Thanks IPS

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