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Nexus is Broken (cannot edit - add new products)


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4.0.13 has caused a lot of issues.
I cannot edit existing products and have the headings change to reflect the change....


just tried to ADD a new product...
(My intention is to add new product description etc to replace the broken ones, then delete the broken ones)

It seems Nexus is broken as I can only add description, and image for New Products and nothing else... such as add price etc....

Client Support have not told me anything... They have all the access details, yet all I get is a notice in the backend telling me that its being looked at

3 days and no idea of whats going on as they are just not telling me anything.....

I paid for ... what?

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Well Nexus get's prirority support since it's the commerce style add-on and hence renewal fees on Nexus is higher compare to other add-ons. You should raise the ticket and IPS staff could help you out.

None of the members on this forums could help you much on that issue.

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