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Maybe I'm just crazy?


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So, this was a bug in one of the early beta's of IPB4 Pages. I submitted a couple of bug reports on it. 

I haven't really been keeping up with it, but decided to go ahead and upgrade figuring most of the major bugs had been fixed. 

To my surprise, the one I had complained about still hasn't been fixed. I'm starting to wonder if there's a problem with me and how I use it, because it seems to me like this is absolutely crucial for the Pages app. 

I have an NFL website. We have pages for every team. On the Titans team page, I like to show only Titans content. Makes sense, right? Well, when I use the designer, I drag over a record feeds block. I try to select the Titans category from the database, however, it refuses to let me choose a category. The drop down won't work. 

I then figured maybe it's just with the design tool, so I tried to hard code it. I created a custom block on the back end, chose to show a records feed, chose the Titans category. I think put that block on the Titans page. When you visit the page, it simply says "Error"

Am I missing something? Is there a better way to go about this?

I should note that the block works perfectly fine when you try to place it somewhere within the forums app. But it will not work when you try to place it in the Pages app. 

Could someone please offer some assistance? :sad:


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Your not alone. 4.1 is out soon so maybe wait as there are many new blocks for pages.

Thanks - I'm not sure if that's a relief, or a very serious concern. That seems like one of the most basic options there would be. It existed in the IPB3 series. Fingers crossed on the next one. I'm not sure if my site will make it for a month without it though. 

Has anyone discovered any workaround for this?

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