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Removing members from a conversation

Maurice H.

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I am probably missing something...

A regular member started a conversation with me. I invited to that conversation 3 other moderators. Now I want to remove them from the conversation but I don't have this option available when clicking the small triangle beside their names. The only thing available there is to send a new message.

Can anyone please assist?

Thanks in advance!

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I use this feature a lot with my mods. And i see your frustration. but i suggest you set up some guidelines for your staff. When i invite mods to a pm they know too remove themselves once business in concluded. And i really do suggest you do this. As the manual way is fine for small forums but becomes a MAJOR problem once you reach a certain size.

But you can also do what i do. Make all mods sign a virtual NDA (Non disclosure agreement) and it is no longer relevant. It solves all issues.They can read the pm but can not legally say anything.

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