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Change date format?

Louis C

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I found how to change the date format for the calendar app, but not for all other apps in my IPS4 site.

It's currently MM/DD/YYYY but here in Australia we use DD/MM/YYYY so I want to change it to avoid any confusion with my users. :)

For example:

You have made 0 of 3 display name changes since 05/20/2012. You are permitted to make 3 changes in a 30-day period.

Any ideas how I can do that?

Many thanks! :huggles:

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Hi, Louis -

It's your locale (a file stored on your server which is independent of IPS4) which determines the date format. If you're getting the US date format, then it seems likely you're still set to IPS's default en_US locale. You can check in Customization > Languages, then click on the pencil icon for English. Select English (Australia) from the locale dropdown and that should resolve your problem.

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Hi Meddy

We have the same problem here for a french board

Our date format is the same than the australian one : DD/MM/YYYY

but how can we set this up ?

When i check in customization > languages,  i can find English but not French, how can i do this ?

i tried to select 'my locale is not listed" and then i put : fr_FR.UTF-8 or fr_FR but i have a warning message...

tx a lot for your help !

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Is your board in French? Or are you happy to keep everything in English?

If you still want it to be English but specifically want the date format changed, then just change the locale from the American one to British, Australian etc. Or even use this plugin from Mark, which will allow you to customise how you want your dates to appear.

If you use a French locale but keep the site in English, then you'll have the problem that the locale will give you janvier instead of January, mercredi instead of Wednesday and so on, but everything else ("Sign in", "Notify me of replies" etc) will still be in English.

If you want everything to be in French, then download the French language pack from the marketplace, and import it using Create New.

i tried to select 'my locale is not listed" and then i put : fr_FR.UTF-8 or fr_FR but i have a warning message...

You're absolutely sure you don't get anything like this?


If you don't, then your host doesn't have the French locale stored, which would be crazy for such a widely spoken language. If that's the case, ask them to add it. If they don't, find somebody better.

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Thank you so much for your help

Our board is in French yes, and we have installed the french language pack

But when looking at the Locale list i only see :

- english (UK)

- english (US)

- your locale is not listed


thats all i have, so that means i should ask our host ? server issue ?

Tx a lot !

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Yes, that means your host only has those two locales installed. That's crazy. My host (which is a cheap one) have over 300, although, unfortunately, not the one I need :( If they won't install it, consider moving to another one.

Without the French locale, you'll find the days and months of the year are wrong, your site will use commas for thousands instead of points, on autofill it will use Mrs rather than Mme and so on. That sort of information comes from the locale rather than the language pack.

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