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  1. Secured websites are the way of the future. There is a lot of stuff going around at the moment about better search rankings with https, but it's also worth noting that browsers such as Chrome are working towards actively displaying insecure notices for websites that don't use https, so you'll scare your users if it's not secure. The awesome thing is you can get free SSL certificates with services like Let's Encrypt now and they auto-renew so it's pretty much just set and forget. You just need a host that supports it. cPanel has in-built functionality for free Comdo SSL certificates which take (in my experience) about 30 minutes to start working. With one command, Let's Encrypt SSL functionality can be installed on a cPanel server and Let's Encrypt SSLs work immediately.
  2. Is crond running on the server? If it's not your server, ask your hosting provider to check if crond is running.
  3. The Forums option doesn't show in the Menu Manager in AdminCP (and, yes, it is published) but it's showing on the website front-end. This means I'm unable to change its position in the menu. I tried AdminCP > Support > Something isn't working correctly to make the cache clear but that didn't help. Any ideas?
  4. Big thumbs up I love how you can choose when 2FA is needed.
  5. Louis C

    need help

    Reset what to default? The skin? Please clarify. If you mean the skin then just go to AdminCP > Customisation > Themes > Add Theme > Manual Mode > Next > Name it and set whatever settings you want > Save. Then use that new theme you just added.
  6. Awkward... I was going through that Support thing and following the steps and it gets to the point about submitting a ticket AND THE EDITOR DOESN'T LOAD LOL 933837 submitted now Nevermind, it was a browser cache issue.
  7. Editor doesn't load anywhere. I first noticed it in AdminCP when turning my community offline (prior to manually upgrading - I always put up a maintenance message) and then when turning it back on again.
  8. So upgrading the old way fixes the forums but my editor is still broken. Any ideas?
  9. On my website I have a custom sidebar block that shows the status, channels and users in my TeamSpeak 3 server. It seems to not refresh unless I press Cmd + Shift + R (using Google Chrome on a Mac) to force a page refresh. For example, I might load my site, it'll show 2 people in TeamSpeak and then 2 hours later I know they've left TeamSpeak and I open my website and it still shows them there but they disappear when I force the page to reload. When I created the custom block in AdminCP I left the caching option turned off for that block. The re-cache time for other sidebar blocks (recent topics, forum stats, etc.) is set to one minute. Any ideas how I can stop it from being cached and require it to reload?
  10. Howdy, I found how to change the date format for the calendar app, but not for all other apps in my IPS4 site. It's currently MM/DD/YYYY but here in Australia we use DD/MM/YYYY so I want to change it to avoid any confusion with my users. For example: Any ideas how I can do that? Many thanks!
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