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Problem with adding new menu items


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I've got some problems with adding URLs / additional pages to the menu. My menu, in its basic form, looks like this:
Pages - Forum - Gallery - Calendar
However, when I create a custom item (external URL or page) in ACP > Pages > Menu, instead of looking like this:
Pages - Forum - Gallery - Calendar - Ext URL - Etc. - Etc.
it all looks like this:
Ext URL - Forum - Gallery - Calendar
Simply: the basic menu items disappear and custom items replace them (or cover them) one by one.

How can I fix it so the custom menu items would be simply added at the end of menu bar?

Thank you in advance.

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Until now you can only have custom URLs as part of Pages. That means that they're located in the part of the nav bar which the Pages app occupies.

If your nav bar is set up to do Pages - Forums - Gallery - Calendar, then your custom URLs can only appear before Forums, Gallery and Calendar. You can't have, say, Pages - Forums - something custom - Gallery - something custom - Calendar.

If you want the custom URLs to appear at the end, then with System > Applications pull the Pages app to the bottom below your other apps, so that anything you create with Pages > Menu appears in last place.

You can find in formation on creating menu items here.

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