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File Upload Issue


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I seem to be having some sort of file upload and download issue using the Downloads Feature on my Forum.

I made some changes to one of my PDF manuals recently and so I did the "update a new version" option in Downloads...the file is 9megs in size but it keeps somehow getting corrupted and only 900kb is getting uploaded. I've tried re-uploading it many times, renaming the pdf and even deleting the file and starting again...nothing seems to work. I'm not sure what happened as when I uploaded the original file I had no issues. I can upload straight to the server (and folder) using FTP with no issues. I can upload anything up to 9mb with no issue...9mb and over it wont do it seems.

The only thing I can think of is I've hit some sort of file size limitation with my new file...but I cant seem to find any settings in 4.0 where I can specify file sizes for uploads in the downloads section. I know I could do this before 4.0...am I missing something?

Thanks for the help!

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Currently I don't have any upload limits on my server...and I've had no issues uploading anything....even files that are multiple Gigs in size...via FTP that is.
My original file was 8megs and now my new file is just over 9 megs...I can only assume I've hit some sort of upload limit through IPB. Its weird as the upload process seems fine...no errors. But then when the upload is finished it shows only 889k for the file size. 


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I was able to find a workout around as I guess the 9+mb upload issue is a Downloads bug.
I turned on the ability to upload files from the server path by the administrators.
Then uploaded the file via FTP and directed the upload to that file on the server...its kind of buggy as you still have to upload a file the regular way as well...two files in total.
So I uploaded the old file again...then after it was successful I had to edit the file again and delete the second 9mb file that keeps getting uploaded at 900kb.

Hope this helps someone who comes across this same issue.

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