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Upgrading from 3.4.8 -> 4.0.11 - Can't convert DB to UTF8


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Support is taking way too long, and I've had my hopes up to upgrade for the past week, and finally got a chance to (long weekend for Canadians), but I ended up having to make my board go down for way too long.


I tried:

Both of these don't do the job properly. The first one, whenever I load the page for it to start, it says it's "Almost Finished" when I never clicked anything ever. Regardless, I go through the testing steps (which works fine), but when I do the final conversion, the board gives me a blank page.

The second one, it goes smoothly, but then once I go back to /admin/upgrade, all I get is blank pages, causing me to rollback everything on the spot.

Any help would be appreciated.

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A blank page is indicative of a PHP error, if you look at your error log you will see what the issue is.

Ya, I figured that part out.


I tried again, and after the tables have converted, my admin password doesn't work when logging into the upgrader lol. Sighs.

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