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I have people on my forums for years and they don't know that until I tell them. I've always suggested a more intuitive layout for last post and first unread. There's no header or legend, and just a date and a dot respectively.

I will probably end up just changing the code so a topic link goes to first unread automatically, like in earlier versions of version 3.


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I really don't understand the thought process in using these dots and stars, when entering a thread wouldn't all logged in members want to go straight to the first unread post? 

I have lots of members now that use only mobile and tablet, they wouldn't even realise as you can't hover over and see the tooltip, there is no legend at the bottom to let members know either and it's a question that comes up regularly.

When using a mobile I have to zoom right into that dot just to make sure I hit it and not the topic title, man size thumbs...first world problems I guess!

I would love at least a setting in the user panel to choose the behaviour like Tapatalk offers in their app. 

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