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Mobile users reporting issues with downloads


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I submitted a ticket to IPS already, but figured they won't get to it for some time, so I was hoping someone here could help me with this.


I've had 3 members, in the past 2 days, report they are not able to download any files from my downloads system, while on their mobile device. They can download just fine from a desktop site though. All users are on Android 5.0+, using Google Chrome as their browser.


I had one of them record a video of the issue they are experiencing, as I am not able to replicate it:https://youtu.be/GA-kYqUmiOw

WhenI tested, everything works just fine.

User testing for me, reported they were able to download a file, with Firefox, using request desktop view.


I also had them try request desktop view with Chrome, but file did NOT download.

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