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Guest to see post counts


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I'd like to have my forum set up in a way where guests can see all the categories, forums and even the post counts in each category but not actually read the posts.

Currently the only way I know how to do this is to set the Guest permissions to "see forum" but uncheck "read posts" this works well except that on the main forum page each category shows "no posts here yet" to the guest even if there are many posts in that forum. It's not super enticing to sign up to a forum you think is totally void of content....is there a way to show the post counts but not the actual content to a guest for each category?


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Sure, I searched for "No posts here yet" in the language file using the translation app (the globe on the right side of the language page) and then put my replacement text in the translation field for the appropriate string. But if I were to do it again I would use my new favorite tool -- the Quick Translating Button! 


After switching that on you can go back to your site, click-and-hold on text you want to change. In a moment a text field appears under the cursor and you can edit it right then and there. It is bonkers how much easier and faster this makes things. 

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