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Request: Hide all member activity, reason, delete account request, but admins simply deactivate instead which hides all content.


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This would be a great feature! A member requests his/her account deleted with all content. Admins never like to do that. You can even go ahead and fulfill the request, and they change their mind. Too late.

A great feature would be to have a "Deactivate account" type option that would prevent login and hide all content.

Options could be:
Deactivate this account Y/N
Hide all content when deactivated Y/N
Allow member to reactivate Y/N

You could even have a permission setting to allow members to deactivate, but i'm sure most admins would keep that off.

This is how bigger sites do it. I'm sure your account details and content are still available to them.

This way you can always reactivate an account and all content is shown. But the better part is you can fulfill those content removal requests w/o physically removing. 

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This would be an awesome feature to see; even more after having a MP app that almost captured all of this was removed/hidden. Would love to see this in Core instead of an addon from MP.


Giving the administrators the ability to allow Deactivation and/or Deletion automated or by validation of staff. As some communities may just want the account deactivated without delete to satisfy the end user.

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