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Video's aren't embedding in my posts...


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While I'm on the subject of embedding, is there anything yet for 4.0 that will easily allow Tweet embedding?  I've been disappointed this isn't a core function, and the plugin I paid for hasn't been updated.  (Either that or I can't find it in the Marketplace.)

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Mine definitely isn't working like that.  It just showed up as I pasted the link.  :(

My emoji show up like that.





Twitter isn't working like this on my forum as well.  


At least now I get what you're talking about.  I'll DM you posting credentials.  Is there a setting I should be looking for?

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Thanks for the credentials - have tested it out and can confirm not working. Before I say what is happening on your site, here's what normally happens when you paste in a youtube (or other auto-embedded url)

  1. URL pasted.
  2. Press return
  3. The return triggers an AJAX call to the board code is executed to retrieve the item and return html code that is then parsed into the editor to produce the embedded item for display.

The resulting response code for this forum is:

{"preview":"<div class='ipsEmbeddedVideo' contenteditable=\"false\"><iframe width=\"459\" height=\"344\" src=\"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/embed\/MZjAantupsA?feature=oembed\" frameborder=\"0\" allowfullscreen><\/iframe><\/div>","title":"","embed":"1"}

Now, on your forum the AJAX call is being triggered BUT the response is this:


So the browser is trying to do what is needed, but the response is incorrect and thus won't display the embedded item...leaving it as a URL.

My suggestion: go to ACP -> System -> Support (may have to scroll down a bit) Then select the 'something isn't working correctly' option and run the tool until it gets to the 'bad cache' type response and run it again (effectively clearing the cached content) If that doesn't produce a good result, then update here and I'll check the above again.

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