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Upgrade Error (Test to


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i´m testing an upgrade from 3.4.7 to on a testsite
it is a 1:1 copy from my live-site on another server from the same webhost
i followed the instructions for preperations from here: http://community.inv...updated/?page=1

i run in an error i can´t skip,
here is my "log"


pre-check = PHP is Version 5.5
upgraded to 5.6
pre-check = ok

Error = Field 'sfsMemInfo' doesn't have a default value - 1364
Error = Can't find file: './7743706db1/members.frm' (errno: 2) - 1017
retry = same message

Error = Unknown column 'pp_cover_photo' in 'where clause' - 1054
SELECT MAX(member_id) FROM `core_members` WHERE NULLIF(pp_cover_photo, '') IS NOT NULL OR NULLIF(pp_main_photo, '') IS NOT NULL
retry = same message
continue = same message

IPS Support "is not able to provide support for test sites" so i´m stuck at the moment.

Help please :-)
thank you

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cleared the testsite and restored the 3.4.7 database and files
the testsite is working fine again...

i looked in the DB, there is no column "pp_cover_photo" or "pp_main_photo" in `core_members` ?!
how is this possible? i didn´t modify the database in any way!

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