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IP4 Gallery Folders


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It's become evident that the new system for storing images is to create a ONE new folder each month. The problem

now being encountered  is the volume of files being stored in each folder. For the month of May, my folder contains 28,000 files.

This is not only slowing the gallery, but making accessing the folder by ftp difficult. Most programs are timing out before 

retrieving the large directory listing. 

Could it be possible to create a new folder for EACH day a folder is needed?

I would much rather deal with 365 folders with 900 files each than 12 folders with 30,000 files each. 





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They've never really made it a consistent practice to respond to feedback.  Their communication or engagement on their feedback forums is lacking. That's not to say that they don't care or the feedback isn't good. 

But who knows.  Maybe screaming loudly in all caps will get them to respond? 

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