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[This Site] Status updates for Facebook (export status)


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Option "Sync my Facebook status 

  • Update my Facebook status with statuses I set here (i.e. export statuses)

not working on this site

I can't check on my site, because the my application is on the pre-moderation status. To successfully it was approved, I need to give some screenshots for Moderators Facebook developers team.
Make that, I can not, respectively, since this option on this site does not work at all. Status updated, but my facebook profile does not see any changes.

Thank you for the prompt hotfix this error!


Can anyone provide me with the participants of the opportunity to register at his website with an active functionality?
Or give four (or even be one) screenshots, how it should work?

Here's an example of censorship of the team facebook


I would be very grateful for any help!

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