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Mentioning Users: 2 questions about that.

Izaya Orihara

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Just two questions


1. Where in the ACP can we find the setting to turn on/off the mentioning users feature in post?

2. We presently use the mod on 3.X to mention user so I am glad to see a native(and hopefully less buggy) built-in aspect :)
However when I try to do a mass tagging(with a bunch of my members names) that I copied and pasted,,,,,it does not tag them. Just posts as plain text. So would we have to manually type them out OR is there a way to copy and paste the user's names to tag them?

(This is where I hope either IPS makes it where we can tag usergroups or one of our fabulous devs makes a mod to extend the native @ feature)


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I use the the @mentions feature as well, I've actually yet to experience any bugs with it? However, on 3.4 series simply typing @ then the usernames links to the user profile, shows the user card and parses when post is submitted.


On 4.0 you need to type (@ symbol) then the username in lowercase and wait for the list to appear and select the member, it's a bit cumbersome, I don't know why it can't work in a similar fashion.

Actually you'll also find that if you type @ then a member name or some random text you'll be prevented from hitting enter to add a new line.

How it looks on IPS4

<p><a data-mentionid="134056" data-ipshover-target="http://www.domain.com/ipb4/index.php?/profile/134056-hells-warrrior/&amp;do=hovercard" data-ipshover="" href="http://www.domain.com/ipb4/index.php?/profile/134056-hells-warrrior/">@Hells Warrrior</a></p>


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