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Hi i have recently tryed to login on this board unsuccesfully, it was keep saying that it dont find any account associated with my email.This was happening when trying to login from the right upper corner.I have sent two messages on contact us,anyway like usual no response.WTF is this? I login under ipb346 i think,where the client area is ,from the menu IPS Clients,but when i go on forums,downloads,etc(on V4.0) i was not logged in.I managed to login on one popup window from downloads.This board is way worse than the old one.Thanks.

A verry pissed off client.

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This happens to me A LOT.

It seems to be associated with certain machines. It's like the cookies get all wacky or something. My solution so far has been to use forgot password option and reset the password back to the same one I always use. Some times it works, other times I get logged in only to click around for a minute and get logged out again. It's quite frustrating.

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We recently enforced that all logins must be routed through invisionpower.com.  While this was the case previously, if you had an old password stored on our company forums it may have continued to work.  Further, we also enforced that logins must be done using your email address (since your name may not be the same here as it is in your client area).  We also found a problem recently with certain special characters used in passwords that may have prevented a successful login.


If you have had trouble logging in, we recommend that you

  1. Visit your client area and reset your password, or use the forgot password tool if you cannot login to your client area.
  2. Clear your cache and cookies.
  3. Login to the client area to verify it is working.
  4. Consider any browser "saved passwords" and similar plugins (like 1Pass or LastPass).  Often these tools can be aggressive in pre-populating login fields and may need to be cleared or reset.
  5. Login to the company forums using your email address and new password.


If you continue to have trouble, please submit a ticket so we can take a look.  A handful of users for instance had their accounts locked due to several invalid login attempts, which we've reset (but it can happen again so we can check your account if necessary).

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