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On this site is it just me or when clicking on the editor to make a reply on mobile it zooms in like this? As I'm waiting until next week to buy a licence (damn exchange rate the Aussie dollar lost alot stuffing up my plan to buy this week) Can anyone tell me if this is an option that you can turn off the zooming in.


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iOS want input text to be displayed at a certain size to the user. So to avoid it from automatically zooming in, IPS would need to increase the font-size for the text fields. I think the only other alternative would be to disable zooming in from being possible, but that would be much more of a drawback for members with bad eyesight and so on. 

Personally I think they should increase the font size so it doesn't zoom in, as I have experience with members getting confused by such automatic zooming (In some cases they don't realize the solution is to just zoom out...) 

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