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Custom block and Page (4px problem)


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Hi guys,

I have created a page containing two images of the same dimensions. In code page I use javascript: void(0), so click with a mouse image change.

Code works well. Here is a link to a page.

I create and custom block in which a tag Iframe, (frameborder=0) I insert a link to this page.

I use widget 'custom block' and insert it into Footer of the start page of my test site.

Everything works well.

There is one problem that I could not handle. That my problem is a reason for this topic, and I hope you much more knowledgeable advise me.

The problem is the following:
At the bottom of the widget below image, appears strip size 4 pixels. See screen:



If I use code only in custom block without a page, this strip is gone - that this problem does not exist.

This solution not satisfies me, because I want to use multiple widgets such action with a mouse. Where there are several widgets with different content blocks (different images) and not use the support pages - it I using javascript: void(0) causes conflict.

When I use the support page and custom block, no problem with the functioning of this JavaScript in all widgets.

I want to find a solution to remove this strip from the four pixels which is under the image.
Some of you guys have any idea how to remove this strip?



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From that screenshot no one can tell where that space comes from. It would be better to post a link to a page where this happens. 

Or you can check it yourself by using any of the typical webmaster tools that are part of browsers like Chrome or can be installed as plugins (like Firebug for Firefox). With such tools you can easily check where that space comes from.

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