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[IPS4] Jaws just dropped on the floor


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Hi IPS team,

After months and months of looking at the new IPS Suite, I finally installed the Beta 6 on a test server.

Until now, I had only tested the Suite on the Invision preview site and then these current IPS forums. I must say I didn't install a beta version until now, because I had too much work, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise…

So, I did a fresh install for testing purpose, and I just have one thing to say: my jaws just dropped on the floor.

The admin CP is certainly the best back-office I've ever seen. The IPS team has done is huge / gorgeous / remarkable / impressive work.
Everything is so smartly done. The layout is a real pleasure. It is so modern and responsive.

So, I just wanted to give my very high respects to the team for such an impressive job. 

Now, the only bottleneck is that (imho) the front-office is not sexy enough… But it is now our job to build great themes.

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Hear, hear.

I'm a first-timer having bought a licence with a view of developing a suite and then holding off once I heard about 4.0 because internationalisation is of prime importance to me. I struggled with the backend of 3.x when playing with it and was unable to do anything with IP.Content. 4.0 seems so intuitive for people like me; I've not had any problems at all navigating the backend. Pages is built to be accessible to people like me. It really is remarkably well done and I'm delighted to have made the decision to postpone development.

There's still stuff I can't do (I'd like to work on custom blocks to show, say, the next x events on a specific calendar or a particular good in our store) but I'm sure that if I wait for the documentation to be produced there'll be an explanation and then it's playtime.

*tips hat*

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