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How to upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0 ?


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Firstly, it's in beta and therefore unless you are doing this in a test environment or on a test install, you should stop. You don't know what bugs, holes, etc., will be discovered between now and its release.

IPS4 is a complete re-write so the folders won't match. When the release is ready for general use I'd expect guides on upgrading to be forthcoming. It won't be long. :)

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As @The Heff said, don't upgrade a live community with a beta product.

Regarding folder structure, yes it is different but the folder structure isn't really relevant, all you want to retain is the public folder and the uploads folder, although, as has been said the upgrade guide will be forthcoming when the suite is ready for release.

If you know what to do and want to do a test installation utilizing a copy of the live the database, then you can do so (make sure you have backups)

However, only attempt the test install with the instructions if you have the knowledge and understanding, I accept no responsibility for anything going wrong.


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