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The WYSIWYG editor


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I just noticed this when typing a post in the V4 section but the editor (default) does not have a scroll. This means if you want to use the menu for the editor to add a link, change the font, make something bold and it's a fairly long post (which can be the case on our site) - you need to scroll the entire page up, remembering to have highlighted the text that you want to edit, change it (by making it bold, or adding a link).

Then scroll the entire page back down again and then start adding text etc and if you want to to do the same again, then you need to repeat the process.

The editor really needs a scroll option to be included - it's so much friendlier to the end user.

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In IPS Preview Site, I had made a similar suggestion.

In the New Post screen when the entered text is large (being necessary to use the scroll), the edit bar would be fixed at the top. So you could always access it from anywhere in the text.


For those who do not know this WordPress implementing this functionality in their editor.
So focus in the edition of the text is improved. I think for the new topic page would be perfect, so the user could focus more on the text.

A video showing how to implement in WordPress:

WordPress (Focus on editing, while editing)

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First off: I like the expanding editor. I don't want them to replace the current behavior. 

But I agree that when you want to add formatting it's not good and that they should improve it by doing one of these things: 

  • Have the editor toolbar follow the scroll of the page (This should not be done on mobile view IMHO)
  • Provide a editor button to toggle between a fixed height editor and expanding editor. Expanding editor would be default.
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Something needs to be done, the expanding editor is not good. Sure for some sites such as IPS Community, you don't really do a lot of large and detailed posts (apart from suite add on topics). However, this will be an issue on other forums, where strategies/theories etc. are extremely popular.

I have 3 topics that I can immediately think off on our forum, that because of the size of the content, he has put pretty much everything within spoilers to help with the scrolling aspect. They are that rich in content that they do take a while to actually fully load. Something I plan on correcting by putting them as actual content within the site and breaking them down. However, the editor in it's current guise on V4 needs attention - as editing those topics on V4 will be an complete and utter nightmare.

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