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Underlines in gallery


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I´m very pleased with gallery 5.0.5 in IPS 3.4.7

Now when I tested the Beta 4, the gallery add underlines between every space in Title. The search engine could not find anything when I search in gallery because the underlines. Why are gallery adding underlines? Is there any way to remove this function?

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If you upload a file that has no spaces in the name you get:


You can then change that to whatever of course like:

This is my uploaded file


Both of the above work fine for searching, etc.


If you upload a file that has spaces in the name such as :

file name.jpg

It will appear in the title as:


There's your underscore in place of the space. You can of course edit it if you wanted to right then and there back to:

file name.jpg

What's probably happening is the original uploaded files need to have the spaces replaced for easier file management and parsing within the system. You *can* change this stuff in the title to whatever you want but on image upload it's pre-populating the title field with the underscored version of the file name. That might be able to be changed but I wouldn't hold my breath for it, at least not for 4.0. Maybe 4.1? Maybe...

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I understand! In My site there is massive uploads about 14 000 images and the name must be exactly so search engine finds everything. I upload sometimes over 100 images in one time. I can't sit there rename or remove underlines. What happen When converting My livesites to ips4? Are all 14 000 images With underlines? 

Can anyone in ips staff answer this. 

Thank you!

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