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Keyboard Shortcut for saving in ACP?

The Jimmo

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I think I suggested this in a topic on the preview board but my mind has been all over the place lately...

Something I've gotten used to and actually really like about an Enterprise CMS tool I use at my day job is hitting "ctrl+s" to save anything I'm working on within the CMS: forms, text editors, code boxes, etc... all save that way. I would love to see this simple, yet effective shortcut work in the ACP of IPS.

I wouldn't go as far as it being a shortcut for posting on the public side of IPS as I'd rather just keep that simple for public users but for me and other admins I think this would be a great little add-on.

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Agreed, going from something like Notepad++ or my Visual Studio and habitually smashing (okay, lightly rubbing, I'm not abusive) ctrl + s and then back to IPB is always a struggle.

The number of times I've saved the HTML page is almost embarrassingly high.

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