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  1. Mr.Jake


    Have you tried to clear the browser cache? Most mobile browsers cache a lot and can be bit stubborn. Or try different browser on that mobile maybe?
  2. +1 and Beam streaming would be also nice now that we have it integrated in windows 10.
  3. I've bought the theme and i'm not having any problems with lack of updates or support. You ppl are too hasty when it comes to patience Let him do the job and it will be fine!
  4. Put this in there and make option to load it or not. https://github.com/gromo/jquery.scrollbar Or that "Mac OS X Lion" in the demo: http://gromo.github.io/jquery.scrollbar/demo/basic.html So its not visible until you hover it.
  5. There's some info about it https://ole.michelsen.dk/blog/secure-your-website-with-content-security-policy.html
  6. Thanks @eGullet for easy steps. Made my things easier. If someone wonders why something on your page is not using https for some reason, this page was helpful for me to check my custom theme and links and pics: https://www.whynopadlock.com/
  7. Mr.Jake


    Thank you very much
  8. Mr.Jake


    Ah it is on then. Maybe they just melt too fast even i've set max flakes to 500. Have to max them out more then, but would really appreciate if you could add the option to turn melt off That option is also in the .js file. But i don't even know where plugins puts all files so tell me if some of you are wiser than me this.snowCharacter = '•'; // • = bullet, · is square on some systems etc.
  9. Mr.Jake


    Thank you for making this for 4.x Great work! Could i ask you to add option for how much snow it keeps on bottom? If i remember right, in the .js file there was option for it when i used this in some project. I think it was these two options: this.snowStick = true; // Whether or not snow should "stick" at the bottom. When off, will never collect. this.useMeltEffect = true; // When recycling fallen snow (or rarely, when falling), have it "melt" and fade out if browser supports it I would like it to pile up some amount of snow before removing it. Thanks a lot again
  10. It's related to RC4. There's bug report of this in bug tracker. I think they will fix it to next release
  11. I converted my database to utf8mb4 before upgrading and it fixed my problem with scandis. You could try that.
  12. That fixed it Even tho after converting 3.4.7 database to utf8mb4, forums showed empty page and wasn't accessible the upgrade went fine and all characters works now on 4.0 RC4 Thank you very much! /Jake
  13. RC4 didn't fix the issue. Made new test install of my live board (Works well and shows all ÄÄÄ and ÖÖÖ correctly) and then upgraded it to 4.0 RC4 and same thing happens again. If i create topic or anything on that RC4 all ÄÄÄ and ÖÖÖ shows correctly. It's just the upgrade process from 3.4.7 to 4.0 what doesn't work and messes up the characters.
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