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    Now Hiring: Support

    I just mean in general.
  2. Mur

    Now Hiring: Support

    I think they'd be far more popular if they had a completely free option with video chat. Looks nice but because of it's sub-par offering compared to skype I don't think I'd be moving over to this solution any time soon.
  3. ​I've been waiting for V5 forever, they should release it already
  4. https://www.murilirum.com/notes/design Going over a blog post of mine
  5. If a question is asked, users will want to see the most helpful answer (IE the rating), if they wanted it based on date then you'd just have a regular topic with a bunch of answers. Otherwise, you've got the option already to select what display you want on the top right of the OP.
  6. I'd actually be very unhappy if the error codes were removed or hidden by default. It's not user unfriendly at all actually. Error codes are the best way to have the end-user help the developers rectify an issue without having to understand the technical system in the background. It doesn't stand out in the least, there when you need it but not overbearing of the surrounding content.
  7. Some pretty immature true colours there @csm
  8. ​I fail to see how I'd be disconnected, if you want to explain your stance I'd be happy to consider whatever it is you seem to thing I don't recognize.
  9. @csm Regardless of bug reports, getting aggressive about IPS4 not being bug free when IPS openly states it's in beta makes his community contribution irrelevant, he's not wrong in the least. Current purchases are for IP products including Board 3.4.7, those with active licenses have access to the open beta for self testing. Yes it is voluntary. You pay for IP.Board but have access to the new IPS Rework beta. As far as I know there's never been a promised release date so unless you can provide proof, I'm going to stand strong that you're making false accusations. As aforementioned unless you provide evidence of a promised time line, this entire argument is unreasonable. Those who make a living with IPS products are very fortunate indeed, however it's not up to IPS to do anything more than produce quality content and support their products, they offer excellent support already and sometimes quality takes a bit of an extra while; if you're any sort of developer you should know this. There's a large abundance of users who poke around on all products, IPS has their own staff that proactively find and report bugs, the additional help speeds up the process as well, those few extra quality hands on deck speeds up the process sometimes ten-fold which is the purpose of an open beta, expecting an army of high-collaborative users that dedicate hours at a time specifically to finding bugs is wrong. It would be nice, but should not be expected. They never promised a date, whole argument is irrelevant (unless otherwise proven). They interact with the community frequently, the participate in a lot of the community powered topics and even posted in the real-life pictures topic. I myself (alongside many others) don't need any sort of 'appreciate' topic, we pay them and continue to offer my money their way because I know they've made a software I can get behind, the kind of website applications that I wouldn't want to work any other way (in most cases, otherwise simple tweaks I make myself) but above all, the fact you're at all unsatisfied because they haven't made some grand announcement to the paying customers is a little bit of an embarrassment on your part. It's a humbling experience, but expecting it just removes the genuine feeling of appreciation and replaces it with 'we did it to keep em' happy'. You shouldn't be too proud to have at all brought that up. Absolutely they are, a major corporate leaders like Apple and Android (google included) wouldn't be where they are today if they didn't have customers with such loyalty and third-party developers that created the diversity needed for applications. Requesting appreciation is pathetic, IPS has delivered in many ways and ensured that we receive exactly what they advertise. We buy it because we wanted to, their software looked like the best option or the most reasonable purchase; you're not working tirelessly for some underpaying boss who shows no appreciation for you or your contribution, IPS is indirectly showing their appreciation by not closing up shop and continuing to push the limits with more and more updates, patches and they felt it would be best achieved with a complete rewrite, this is a huge undertaking and one that will be a peak moment for the future of IPS, I am confident about that. They interact with the community which acknowledges our existence, that's appreciation enough on it's own as far as I'm concerned.
  10. ​Connect to wifi damnit! JK, love my Windows Phone.
  11. ​This is actually a really creative idea, support for the latest release of font-awesome or glyphicons would be a really cool feature. Easy enough for developers to include, or a custom modification to be made for but I couldn't ignore the fact that it would be cool as hell to just quick select an icon from a loaded inventory of Font-Awesome icons.
  12. ​It's heeeeeeeeere Enjoyable read. OT: Perhaps I'll submit my 'detailed' introduction about myself if this starts to gain some additional traction
  13. You're entirely argument is not one I'm going to bother building a rebuttle too because it's based on the idea of a tangible good. IPS is selling software, they return value is with their updates, support and community marketplace access. So you're not selling it to them 'in good faith' the idea is literally say, here's the software, we will only offer you support for it for 30 days unless you renew. You're not looking for X amount of $25 payments, that's where your assumption is wrong. There's no good faith needed in this sense.​ You're also building yourself an off-course path because you're talking about these if's and's or but's that aren't needed to begin with. ​It did, by choice mind you. If you have to resort to an analogy in an argument you need to rethink your stance.
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