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Version upgrade and download permission in the AdminCP


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When upgrading to a new version in the 4.0 beta AdminCP you require the IPS account username and password, but that is not always a practical solution to keep the community software up to date.

In my own case I not only have my own license but I'm also an administrator on another license owner site, with full admin permission, and I do all the site management on my own.

When a new version is available I have to contact the staff of the owner to ask them to download new version and make it available to me. This is very impractical in my own case.

I'm in the process of testing IPS 4.0 beta versions and you have now made a new version available, so now I need to contact the owner staff again to make them download the new version and make it available to me. There will come more test releases and maintenance releases when the final version has been released so this is very impractical in my own case.

What I want to suggest is that:

  1. You make the upgrade available to the admin that has permission to use it and not just the IPS account.
  2. That a new package is downloaded and made available at a later use

If this is not acceptable to you, then please consider to give upgrade and download permission to the alternative contact too.


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It is worth noting that you can still go to your client area to download a full package as well.

​Yes, I can do that in my own client area for my own licensed site, but not in the client area for the alternate contact, as the alternate contact has no permission to download packages.

So, as an admin on another ones licensed site, I depend on his staff to download packages and make them available to me. The upgrade option in the IPS 4.0 beta AdminCP is also not usable to me as the admin if I have to submit the owner IPS account password.

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