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How to integrate Prestashop 1.6 with IPS 4.0?


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Dose anyone how to integrate Prestashop and IP. Board?

I found something that could be useful.

But how to carry this out on prestashop side?


 I have tried the example given in this link, but it keeps showing an error "IPS Connect rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again."

Anyone knows how to deal with this and how to fulfill the coding on Prestashop side?

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We use Prestashop 1.5 with our website but it works along side IP Board instead of connecting with it.  The reason we can do this is that we use aMember as the entry portal to everything - ipb, prestashop, and 4images.  Wish I could help you out with a solution you want.


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My philosophy mirrors that of the consulting guru from the 80's, Tom Peters: stick to your knitting.  In other words, focus on what you do well.  IPB does forums well but I feel that there are ecommerce solutions out there that are more robust simply because those companies focus on ... ecommerce.  Similarly, same with chat and with gallery.  I feel the same with blogs but the security issues surrounding Wordpress made me move our blogs to IPB. 

So you're wondering what this first paragraph has to do with the Spring Fashions in Milan?  I tend to expound.  What I am trying to explain is my philosophy for how we run our community.  If you follow that philosophy, I also feel membership software is a security specialty and it is focused on working with other third party software in what the industry calls Single Sign On, or SSO.  In the past, there were problems with getting IPB to bridge with other third party software.  Single Sign On allows a person to login on one platform and all of the database information is passed to all the other third party software, including updates.  So when a member updates their country, their address, their email, whatever it is that you choose, those fields are passed to the third party software.

So we use aMember as our membership platform and login gateway. It in turn allows our members to login in to the following platforms and instantly update all of the databases and field values of our members as they change their settings.

We use IPB for calendars, forums, blogs, and social groups, and some other customized applications.

We use Prestashop as our ecommerce platform.

We use 4images as our gallery platform.

We will be using a third party chat platform.  Why?  Because that platform is focused on Chat.  IPB has delayed and delayed and delayed chat improvements.  Yet when you look around at the world of online users, they are using some form of chat be it messaging or snapchat or kik or who knows, on every device.  Clearly this is an extremely important feature and it needs to have continuous focus for improvement. Only software companies that focus primarily on that area will give it the attention it needs.  Once again, aMember will be the connecting source via SSO.

So our members' database is maintained in aMember and it connects to Prestashop.  Yes, the latter has a database devoted to ecommerce and has fields that capture sales and shopping carts but the security and access to Prestashop is still funneled through aMember.  Look them up and hopefully you'll get what they do.


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