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IP.Gallery 4.0


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We just purchased IP.Gallery and I've created some albums already, however it seems the only user which can upload photos into that album is the owner. Is it possible to add user/group editors?

By editors, I don't mean Moderators, I mean other users/groups which can upload photos also in that album.

Basically I've made albums for the games we play in VORTEX, however I want all members in the "Clan Members" group to be able to upload their screenshots into this folder.

Can this be done? Can it be a feature of IPS 4.0?

Many thanks

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That was all done as well, but still couldn't. I tested my own admin account as permission for all of it but when I went into the category, I could upload an issue but not to an album. When I went into the album, I couldn't upload any photo or anything.

Seemed it only worked when I created an album via myself, I could then add photos.

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Albums are for individual members to upload their own images to. What you need is categories where you set permissions on which member group can upload images to. You create the categories for them.

BTW, pretty sure we're up to Gallery 5 with IPB 3.4.7

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