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Tough Request for Help

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Hey Guys,

I have a tough one, and I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I am currently developing a new site for our community and am having a custom skin made off of the new layout. Obviously my goal is to have the site and forums run together as if they are the same 'app' so to speak.

I am wanting to integrate the login so that when the users are logged into the forum, they show as logged into the website. Catch is that there is no real website user database. It is an information based website and the only databases it uses are for caching purposes.

I pretty much want to use the ipsconnect cookie along with another cookie to tell the software that the user is logged in.

When they are logged in I would want them to see their username, avatar, unread messages etc, when logged out it will show the login button.

So my question(s) are:

  1. How can I have (If at all) the form on my 'site' simply post data to the IP.Board login rather than handle the login itself. (Low Priority, I can just change it to a link to the login page of the forum)
  2. (1b) Can IP.Board be slightly reprogrammed to send to a referring page from OUTSIDE IP.Board when it logs in (aka you are reading topic 121 and click on login, it send you back)
  3. How can I, other than a generic cookie that can easily be cheated, have users information displayed live from the database on the website.
  4. How can I setup the logout link as it seems to also have a unique variable that doesn't match the cookies I am viewing.

Additional Details:

Forum Location: forum.domain.com

Site Location: www.site.com

Please dont hesitate to request additional information if you feel you can assist me :) - I appreciate everyones time in this matter.


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Unfortunatly with a lack of replies I had to use the IPS.Connect way of storing a second database. I didn't want to do it but it seems to be the only way as nobody anywhere seems to be able to reply with anything helpful on this subject.

My next issue is pulling additional details... How should I go about that?

I am wanting to display the users avatar and need to pull their user ID so I can link it to form submissions etc. Any assistance is appreciated!

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