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  1. Seems a bit rude to say BUT... the error message isnt for you. It is for the support team. It identifies the line (I presume) that the error occured parsing the code.
  2. May I make the following counter/supportive suggestion? Create a 'Send to Ticket' button on the bug reports. It will prefill the information in the bug report, as well as generating a link between them automatically (ie. An auto response to the bug saying it was sent to Ticket # and a link in the ticket saying from bug report # on request of) The button could potentially be used by the dev staff too in order to submit the ticket on behalf of the user, sending them an email asking to reply to the newly generated ticket with the relevant details (login, address etc) By doing ANYTHING you can to streamline the bug reporting and support processes, especially in conjunction with one another, you are effectively making it easier to improve your software bug by bug. My2Cents.
  3. He is asking you to cite such an example that you have seen firsthand, not that has been reported to you. I am on your side, I feel that IPS has had more bugs in 4.x that was EVER existant in the entire 3.x life cycle, but your comments are leading into a circular discussion of no end.
  4. I have to be blatantly honest here again... I will not be renewing until this is corrected. It has killed our income and I am not paying support and update prices for something that has now cost me income instead of generated it. I appreciate that it is now on the 'list' to be looked at but that is by no means a confirmation that it will be done. This could mean the team goes over it and decides that they like it the way it is. I look forward to seeing a response from a staff member once the change(s) have been implemented in the future.
  5. Thanks for your response, I understand what you are saying but as a counterpoint it is typically understood that moderators can "quick edit" a topic title, but many don't klnow they can click and hold on the topic title in the forum view because there is nothing to indicate as such. Anyway I look forward to if/when this gets adjusted. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  6. Your responses prove my point. And no that isnt true, if you read my ENTIRE post you would see that I am asking you to disappear because you repeat the same useless garbage. I will no longer respond to your crap unless you have something useful to add like Marcher did.
  7. Actually your constant responses even though we have, over and over, explained our need for the feature change are what is frustrating the 'us' group. You guys keep coming at us with the exception of Marchers last response which raised a valid point (overcome with responses provided) People who continue to repeat the same thing cause a stall in progress. This is the problem with politics and people stuck in their ways. By asking you to cease repeating it, we hope to progress to an answer. The biggest issue is that you are stalling something that will not affect you, it is incredibly frustrating for those of us who are financially losing because of issues with commerce (this isn't the only one, but further discussion of that would be off topic) So no. I don't want something and anyone who is against me should shut up, I need something and anybody who hasn't got anything USEFUL to add to the argument should butt their massive egos out!
  8. I can agree with that, and thank you for clarifying that. The change is less complex if the setting is tied to the gateway but again, I digress that the setting should global or per-product. If someone fails to uphold a law because they misuse software, that is their decision, however the substantially larger portion of us who want this feature want it for legitimate reasons. Thanks for your input and sorry for coming across as defensive... its been frustrating to lose business over changes out of our control... the only way to fix is to pay for custom development which we're priced out of, especially when we have lost business.
  9. The first point is; Not everyone wants or needs an address full stop. They take care of paying taxes and do not require addresses to do so. MANY countries are like this. This is the ORIGINAL POINT of this topic. The second point is that the setting could be tied to PayPal where a setting can be within the gateway that allows; This option on a global level is what we are asking for though. The decision should be in our hands not yours or invisions on this case; General Settings > Require Address for Digital Products OR Product Setting > Require Address for this product (Checked by default)
  10. Firstly, I did say PARENTS. We are very careful... you are clearly someone who tries to cause trouble... as is indicated with your second statement that you just so HAPPEN to be anything to do with BestBuy lol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w29h4woh79ay5az/CheckoutPart1.PNG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzn558476m2lxv0/CheckoutPart2.PNG?dl=0 You need to research before you make comments, it makes you come across as ignorant and looking down upon others. We are asking for a feature change that is not reasonable and you are trying to turn it into some sort of monkey flinging dung style argument. Oh and I would like to return to a comment made earlier in the topic, someone said not EVERYWHERE is the USA - This is true once again here.
  11. Hey Guys, I recently started a topic about editting topic titles when I quickly realized how it worked. However the topic did prove to have value. Editting topic titles is not as clear as it once was, an issue that is certainly easily rectified without causing harm to other features or aspects of the software. I am suggesting we restore the little edit icon on the forum view mouseover of the topic row for those who have permission to edit (in addition to the existing hold mouse down functionality) This isn't a major or critical issue in any way, but I hope that it adds value to the package.
  12. Do you realize how WRONG your entire argument and your fellow contributors have been since the start? The best example I have for this is Bestbuy. If you purchase from bestbuy, they ask for a Postcode to calculate tax. A POSTCODE! Then they retrieve the delivery address via PayPal if you aren't a registered user. This is a lot more comforting for me than having to enter my billing/delivery details every time. (I know this because I purchased from them 3 days ago using this process) The entire point to PayPal and the reason it became popular was a singular storage of payment, billing and shipping details. This intrusive method of forcing details that are unnecessary for some, is contrary to the point that many of us are seeking to attain. Why should IPS dictate this ruling on everyone's behalf, why should you? We all pay for the software and should be able to use it as we need. As previous users have pointed out, the software has been advertised as Highly customizable yet commerce lacks many features and carries many issues contradictory to this, and since subscriptions was discontinued, we have little choice. And you can sit there and say "If you don't like it, don't use it" but many of us like the forums and have had a license since IPS started (I hold more than 1 and at one stage owned a perpetual) and would like to keep payment processing integrated into the software. So here and now... please SHUT UP about tax and let us ask for a feature change. It wont affect you negatively, it wont cause IPS any legal issues and it WILL help users get back to where they were before this mess of 'commerce' started. P.S. My user base has halved as many of them are children (under 12) playing a game, their parents are uncomfortable paying $6 for a membership but being asked where the heck they live.
  13. Hey Guys, I am posting in this section as it isnt an issue with a product but rather IPS's own implementation of Downloads. You used to have 'Version' as a required field for new files, which you can still see when you view some of the older 3.4.x files, however none of the new ones carry such information. With 4.0.x and 4.1.x having different requirements, many dont work cross-version and if people download incorrectly, cause their forum to crash. In addition to restoring the version field, perhaps a 'pre-requisites' field? Plugins that work for pages or commerce for example could state that within the file details so that users don't purchase the incorrect file. ( a good example is this file where it does say in the description, but isnt so clear - not the authors fault!) It would also assist in quick searchs/filters to find plugins only for the product you are seeking out. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope the improvements can be implemented soon if possible!
    As with everything Adriano develops, it works flawlessly. Implimentation is very clean and sleek. Much better than previous implimentations. Thank you for supplying the IPS Community with so much free content!
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