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  1. System Settings > Manage Settings > IPS Apps > IP.Nexus
  2. Id like to say, Im proud for advertising such a great business
  3. Ae9803

    Featured Users

    Hello, Could this be added as a block in IP Content? If so, could you provide a tut how to do that if purchased?
  4. Hello William, Does this still work?!
  5. Hi, Its 11:00 pm, any chance of this coming out at midnight? (Just Kidding)
  6. Did you already do it? Im confused?!
  7. Awewsome, thanks alex! Will donate more if you do the tutorial to pull from nexus :) Thanks :)
  8. Ae9803

    IPB Image Slider

    Hello, Can this pull data from gallery using ip content?
  9. Thanks for the support! How can this be modified to pull the data from nexus?
  10. Hello, I just purchased, could you explain in more detail how to hook this to ip content? Thanks
  11. What variables do you have to change?
  12. Ae9803

    Member Map

    I removed cloudflare completely, Ill wait for the dns to resolve and go from there, thanks.
  13. Ae9803

    Member Map

    Thanks for the information, I tried to clear the cache and unfortunately, the problem still exists.
  14. Ae9803

    Member Map

    Aye, I see it but when I attempt to update my location or delete it, the buttons dont work.
  15. Ae9803

    Member Map

    Hello, Are we able to update our locations? If so, where?
  16. Still show this error, Fatal error: Call to a member function home() on a non-object in admin/applications_addon/other/groupjoin/modules_public/view/view.php on line 140
  17. I noticed on the default ipboard template, this issue appears, groupjoin/modules_public/view/view.php on line 127 This error does not show on the custom template.
  18. Yea, still receiving the same problem as Vanucci
  19. Would be another great idea is to expand on this like IP nexus mini stores. Such as when the user creates an auction, the money is paypaled directly to him instead of going to ip nexus
  20. Yes I am :) And its ok, just not sure with why people cant apply.
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