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Small issue in "Get Ready For IPS 4.0" script: PHP setting suhosin.max_vars


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I know, this is no big deal, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless: When I ran your "Get Ready for IPS 4.0" script (v1.0.2), I got the following message: "PHP setting suhosin.max_vars is set to ."

Well... is set to what? :smile: I assume there should be a value showing up here.

Edit: I tried to upload a screenshot showing this message (which has a size of 8 KB), but it says that I am not allowed to do so, because I "have exceeded my allotted disk space for attachments". Really? One isn't allowed to upload files of about 8 KB? :sad:

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Oh, I corrected the value and the error is gone. I just thought that it is worth to mention that there is a value missing in the script. Sadly I didn't find the existing topic... – my bad.

Thanks for linking to it!

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