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Suggestion: Allow members to organize the forums themselves


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Maybe its too late for IPS4 but whatever :smile: Organizing your community is difficult task that can not please everyone. Some people prefer few forums with broad topics, some prefer to have specific forum for only one topic. The admin needs to make a choice which method of organizing he prefers and as both strategies have + and - he cannot make all members happy.

But what if members have the ability to choose how do they see the forum structure? For example lets say for a travel forum we have:








Some members may want to read all forums and don't want to click each subforum individually. With some checkbox or drag and drop they might choose for their profile to show all topics in a single forum Destinations. Or just merge Germany and Italy and have separate Europe, Africa, Asia forum.

Now posting will be a bit trickier. If you merged all forums in your profile then when you need to post you don't know where to post. But I guess in this case when you click new topic it might show popup for you to select the correct forum as per the admin defined structure.

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